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You know that bringing a baby into the world will change your life, and you want to be ready for it. Olivia Butt, MD, can help you prepare with her fertility services at Alameda OB/GYN. From the comfort of her Alameda, California office, you can make sure your body’s ready for motherhood. To learn more, call Alameda OB/GYN or book your appointment online today.

Fertility Q & A What are fertility services?

At Alameda OB/GYN, Dr. Butt works with you to help you lead your healthiest life. When you decide you’re ready to become a mom, Dr. Butt extends her care to help you prepare your body. That starts with preconception counseling. It can also include fertility checks and treatments and genetic testing. If you’re thinking about becoming pregnant, working with Dr. Butt can help you — and your baby — be as healthy as possible.

What is preconception counseling?

This service is designed to help you feel prepared before you get pregnant while also ensuring your body is ready to create a healthy home in which your baby can grow.

During your preconception counseling appointment, you’ll spend time talking with Dr. Butt. She’ll ask about your family and personal medical history, your lifestyle habits (like whether you drink coffee or alcohol and how regularly you exercise), and your diet. You’ll talk through any medications you’re currently taking, and Dr. Butt may recommend specific prenatal vitamins to you.

Your preconception counseling appointment will also include some physical exams. Dr. Butt does this to ensure your body is healthy and ready for pregnancy. She may also order certain labs or look into your vaccination history to ensure you’re up to date.

Additionally, you can discuss genetic testing during your appointment. If you’re an older mother or have a family history of certain birth defects, this type of testing can help you know what to expect when you bring your baby into the world.

In short, preconception counseling helps you physically prepare for pregnancy — and motherhood.

What if it’s hard for me to get pregnant?

Many women have a hard time getting pregnant. Don’t panic; that’s normal. If pregnancy eludes you, Dr. Butt can offer fertility checks to determine the root of the problem. Then, she can tailor fertility treatment to your specific situation, increasing your likelihood of getting pregnant. Fertility challenges can be especially taxing on a woman. Dr. Butt is here to walk alongside you on your journey to motherhood.

To learn more about the fertility services available at Alameda OB/GYN, call their office or schedule your appointment online.

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